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We breed Miniature Pigs on our small farm in Dover Florida, just outside of Orlando. Miniature pigs are Intelligent, loving animals that make great pets. Please take a look around our website to learn more about them. Check out this link for any current Available Pigs

What is a Mini Pig???

When People hear about a "Mini Pig", they can have a lot of different ideas on what that might mean. You hear all sorts of descriptions, teacup, mini, micro-mini, etc…  This can be very confusing when looking for a miniature pig.  To get a perspective on what "Mini" means, you can compare them to a regular potbelly pig. A full grown potbelly can get over 200 pounds.  So, when you are looking at miniatures, you are getting something much smaller than a potbelly pig, but they still grow to be larger than an actual teacup!  

Our mini pigs are categorized by size.  We have five different sizes that are explained on the Mini Pigs page.  Please look there for more information on the sizes of our pigs.

Mini Pig as a Pet

Pigs are smart, very clean, and loving animals. They make great pets! They can be litter trained, taught to do tricks, and even crate trained! They can also be trained to walk on a leash.  Check out hte Mini Pig Care Guide for info on how to take care of your Pet Mini Pig.