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2 babies available

We still have 2 of Leia’s babies available. They are doing great and are fully weaned from the mommy at 5 weeks! They eat all own there own and are doing wonderful! For more info check out

Videos of the babies

We have a youtube site for Pretty Little Porkers that has some videos of Leia’s babies. Take a look, it is at

So far we have 2 babies from Leia’s litter on hold! The babies are doing great, they are starting to nibble at mommy’s food, and are very playful!

Website Update!

We finally have the website complete!  Please take a look around.  Pictures of the new babies are up on the available page.

Baby Update

Leia’s Babies are doing great!  We had a little scare with the smallest guy, but he’s doing wonderful now.  She had 4 adorable males, pictures to come soon!

Baby Pigs Are Here!!!

Leia just had her babies this morning!  There are 4 little baby boys and they all are doing wonderful.  Pictures will be coming soon!  Email me if you are interested in an available baby.


Welcome to Pretty Little Porkers!  Thanks for stopping by!

I just got the website up and running , please contact me with if you need any information.